Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Every time i see Paisleys, i immediately think of HIPPIE. Staring at the patterns it randomly form makes me feel uninhibited and free! I am also loving the colors put together to brighten up the intricate patterns. Paisley or Paisley pattern is a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin. The pattern is sometimes called "Persian pickles" by American traditionalists, especially quilt makers or "Welsh pears" in Welsh textiles as far back as 1888. (ah pala...)

I've never considered my self being a "free-spirited" individual... (because i'm very uptight and control freak, lol) but as soon as i tried this shirt on at a friend's shop, i immediately turned into something else (yes dear, something else!!!).

(paisley shirt from Li's Closet, Gold Chain Necklace (worn as bracelet) and brown statement ring from forever21, Monogram bag from Hebe Hebe by Celia (Vintage))

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Thanks Guys!

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Monday, October 08, 2012


SUNday SUNbathing

"Gusot Mayaman" Camo Blazer from Flic Homme. I heard that CAMO is one of the hottest colors this season.

The BLINGS courtesy of Li's Closet here.

ARM PARTY!!! Camouflage bead bracelet and Green Squares bead bracelet still from Li's Closet.

Aquamarine socks from Topman; Mocha leather shoes from Alligator

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Thanks Guys! :)

Saturday, October 06, 2012


Do you remember these?

These are some of the accessories i featured via lookbook.nu. They are custom made accessories handcrafted by a good friend, Li. We both have been planning to put up this online shop that will sell customized and on-trend BLINGS for both men and women. Days and months went on and on and on... It took us quite some time... and then finally it's here!!!

I hereby present to you friends, Romans, countrymen:

In our shop, you'll find affordable and trendy BLINGS.
We have beaded necklaces and some statement pieces.
Almost everything on the shop can be customized. 
There will be a wide selection of beads, rods, studs, crystals to choose from.

You may opt to use some: 

swarovski crystals


ethnic and large beads

crystal beads

colorful beads

Or if you are daring enough, why don't you try our statement pieces:

With Li's Closet, we will help you take care of your BLINGS by providing daily DO's and DON'Ts... (first you have to like the page here)
Also, we will give you tips on how and when to wear them.

So what are you guys waiting for, drop by our Li's CLOSET now!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Catching UP 2

Here i go again... apologizing about late posts. Sorry naman. I'm so preoccupied with a lot of stuff. I know I know, you've heard this before... but it's true! The real reason is that, i was having a hard time uploading my photos from the camera (err.. i admit. i'm not techi!)

Anyway, like last time, here's the looks that i've posted via Lookbook.nu. You may hype them here! :)

Thank you so much for understanding! Until next time! :)

BTW, i got "hired" by a friend to style her for a play... i'll post photos here soon! 


Monday, October 01, 2012


1st of OCTOBER and I'm feeling ROMEO today! :) 
The following days will be very special to me (words can't express how much i m KILIG right now!)

So to make it easier... i'm leaving you this immortal song of LOVE (at least for me). SIDE A with FOREVERMORE.