Monday, July 16, 2012

Brown and Gold Romance

"another vintage bag i wore"... this bag from Mario Valentino inspired me to put together this look. 

A little info:
The Mario Valention Company was founded in 195 by Mr. Mario Valention in Naples, Italy. This company workds in the leather goods with production of shoes, accessories, and bags by using it s own trademarks. (see the big V on it?)

I was inspired by the gold and brown combination the bag that i decided to use the same palette for my outfit.

because i plan to wear gold and brown, i decided to keep my base shirt simple. i wore this gold buttoned pullover. originally, the buttons were white and plastic, i decided to replace them with gold ones to match the look i m trying to achieve. 

to make the look interesting, i put on a sleeveless brown vest. the thing i love about this vest is its back. it is made of satin with some dancing couple pattern. 

i decided to wear my gold watch from miyoko with brown strap and a brown bracelet with gold studs (from eastwood bazaar) plus simple gold ring. 

wore my brown high-cut shoes from Clarks with some brown-ish tweed socks. 

with this ensemble, you can see that the GOLD compliments that brown in a way that it gives this warmer feeling to it and at the same time, BROWN makes the gold look shiny and expensive. :) 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

rockin in the sun

yehey! it's saturday! last day of work. but before i can really get a rest, i need to keep post a look for you guys.

here it is. tada!

the photos were taken at eastwood while we are waiting for our ride. it was really sunny! i coudn't open my eye that much! (trust me... those eyes... may ibubuka pa yan) lol!

anyway... here are the details of this look:

we are trying to achieve a casual look with a hint of military-ish thing going around. sounds crazy eh?

the mule blazer is a vintage mcgregor. it is thick but airy! i didnt get much 'pawis' while i was wearing it. 
the inside shirt was a diy sando. i had to cut the sleeves off because it doesnt fit na my biceps (naks!)
the watch is from omega and the pin is from landmark (the photographer bought them for me ;))

again, the bag is vintage. it's from marine. as i said before, i have lots of vintage bags (this is one of my favorites). the material looks like it's cracking... but it is not! magic !

i decided to wear my old black metallic shoes with a polka dotted socks. the shoes i got from wade (last '10). the socks are from topman.

so there you have it. my saturday sunny outfit! if you would like to hype it (pls do!) you can go visit or you can hype it here!

happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Perpetually Blue and Sunny

Today is just an ordinary day... until i dressed up!! lol. Funny how clothes can change one's mood and perspective for a day! 

Just when i thought i ll go to work with just a pair of denim jeans and a shirt with comfortable shoes... I was wrong. HE went to my closet and put together this look.

What i m wearing today is a mixture of vintage and comfortable pieces that i think most of us have. 

The pullover is a very light that it allows your body breath. The bright Blue color makes it so refreshing to look at. The beige cargo compliments the freshness of the shirt's color.

The bag is Vintage. I have a lot of vintage stuff... most of them are bags! I love them because they re one of a kind and very stylish.

The sunnies i wore is from Rayban. It s brown with some tiger pattern print on it (di lang masyadong halata :))

The ring i got from a bazaar in Eastwood. it s a tiger's head. And the necklace were given by the photographer. ehem. 

Blue and Beige compliments each other. Navyiiiish kinda way. Very appealing. Very refreshing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Preppy in 1970

Hello everyone! As promised, i m sharing you my latest post. Kudos to my sleepy photographer that made all of these possible! 

Today, i tried my very best not to dress up too much (TRIED being the operative word.. argh i m sooo sleepy!) This was taken at 4:00 in the morning, right before i go to work. 

I just wore a plain gray V neck shirt and a simple black pants. I m love basic colors! with them, you can never go wrong. I wore a new blazer (courtesy of my photographer :)). The blazer is so structured yet comfortable. 

The shoes are navy blue suede loafers from TOD'S. They are very comfortable.
My bag is a vintage Catalina Red Bag. I just love it because it's so HUGE!!! I can put in all my stuff and the photographer! LOL

Watch is from RADO and the ring is from a shop (sorry i forgot the name) at Eastwood (weekend bazaar).

So this is it, i have to go to work.
See you again tomorrow!

Monday, July 09, 2012

I'm ON!

Today, i m officially starting one of the things I've been dying to do, that is to BLOG.
It's been quite a while since i registered here at blogger, but i was not able to fully use it due to a busy sched.

Here you will see everything! This blog, basically, replaces my starbux planner.
I hope everyone will get to enjoy what i'll be posting here. 

Welcome to my world!
Gabby Bo, signing ON.