Thursday, July 12, 2012

Perpetually Blue and Sunny

Today is just an ordinary day... until i dressed up!! lol. Funny how clothes can change one's mood and perspective for a day! 

Just when i thought i ll go to work with just a pair of denim jeans and a shirt with comfortable shoes... I was wrong. HE went to my closet and put together this look.

What i m wearing today is a mixture of vintage and comfortable pieces that i think most of us have. 

The pullover is a very light that it allows your body breath. The bright Blue color makes it so refreshing to look at. The beige cargo compliments the freshness of the shirt's color.

The bag is Vintage. I have a lot of vintage stuff... most of them are bags! I love them because they re one of a kind and very stylish.

The sunnies i wore is from Rayban. It s brown with some tiger pattern print on it (di lang masyadong halata :))

The ring i got from a bazaar in Eastwood. it s a tiger's head. And the necklace were given by the photographer. ehem. 

Blue and Beige compliments each other. Navyiiiish kinda way. Very appealing. Very refreshing.

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