Sunday, January 20, 2013

Can't Touch This

January is almost over! Haay! Time goes by so fast! I'm still in the "Vacation Phase" ! oh Baguio! I miss you so much! :) Anyway, here's another outfit i wore during our stay there.  During vacation, everyone definitely wants to dress up comfortably. The main point of going on a vacation is to relax... and wearing hard-to-put-on clothes defeats the purpose of unwinding (right?). 

The drop-crotch pants reminded me of MC Hammer. You know "cant touch this.. tenenen nenen" lol. I'm really not that familiar with the song. I used to hear it back in the days when my mom play her records! ahaha. I put on this busy top and my high-cut shoe from Ubiq. The shoe is so cute. If you'll look closer...Batman is in it :) Anyway, because the top is so busy, i opted not to wear any arm candies anymore. Another interesting about this look is the neck piece i wore. It is made up of Hex Nuts, carefully crafted by Li's Closet.

(Brands that I'm wearing: Shoes: Ubiq; Blings: Rings and Hex Nut Necklace (made to order) from Li's Closet; Pants: Custom Made, design from Li; Top: Nameless)

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Talk to you guys soon! :) 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Last year, while everybody was busing preparing to welcome the year 2013, we were lucky enough to escape the Manila and head up north to the City of Pines. Baguio City has been one of my favorite destinations in the whole wide world! (for emphasis) hehehe. Why? A lot of reasons! Hmmm. It’s the only place where I can wear scarves, jackets and trench coats all day long without being sweaty or looking silly.  It is the only place where I can buy FRESH strawberries (favorite fruit ever), not to mention the presence of Strawberry Taho! Brilliant, right?!. Cabs are cheap, Good Shepherd, and a lot more!

As promised (from my last post), I’m here to tell you more about the place we stayed in. Whenever my family and I go to Baguio, we prefer to stay in a homey, comfortable and warm place over an extravagant hotel. My family loves to cook and eat, and there is no way you can cook in a hotel! (trust me, we’ve tried. It didn’t work).

We stayed here: Emily’s Garden Suites

Emily’s Garden is a hotel-cum-events place located on a 1500 sqm lot on Youngland Street about 250 meters off Kennon Road) in Camp 7, Baguio City. It is about 4 kilometers to downtown Baguio. The place, Main house (accommodates 12), is HUGE and VERY CLEAN!!! (for emphasis). Thanks to the hardworking caretakers, kuya Raymond and wife, who were not only VERY ATTENTIVE they were VERY PATIENT and VERY NICE... (oh my! all the VERYs are coming out!).

Aside from the main house featured above, they also have little suites that can accommodate small families.

Suite Regina 
(accommodates 5)

Suite Denise
(accommodates 6)

This place is quiet and very relaxing. The right amount of distance from the City and it's busy streets. 

Truly your HOME away from HOME!

For details and reservations, you may contact Ms. Emily at +63 9175507298 or visit their page at here. Enjoy!

Monday, January 07, 2013


Emerald Green!!! A must-have for 2013!

Brands i'm wearing: (Top: Armani Exchange Tweed blazer; Pants: Custom-made printed pants; Shoes: Suede Boots from Salvatore; Socks: Topman; Blings: Emerald Set and Statement rings from Li's Closet; Watch: Rado)

Allow me to greet you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best for everyone this 2013! A new year also means a new chance to make things better! Speaking of better, have you seen how my photos are arranged and were identically sized (at least most of them) ?! Hey… you have to give me a little more credit… I’m not a techie! And yes, it’s one of my MUST DO this year! 

For the New Year, we were lucky enough to get out of the city and welcome 2013 in Baguio! Ahhh! Baguio! One of my Favorite places to-go in the country! If you’ve been visiting my tumblr account, you’ll see my photo dumps there! Hihihi. We were lucky enough to get last minute booking with Emily's Garden Suites (I’ll tell you more about them on my next post). The place was so quiet, peaceful and pretty!!! (so peaceful, i was not able to get out of bed when the ball dropped!)  Plus Kuya Raymond (I’m not sure if this is how he spells his name) was VERY (all caps for intensity) accommodating! Am I talking too much? Ahah. See told you! For the BETTER! (Again, for intensity)

For this shot, I wore a black tweed jacket from Armani, a grey printed slim pants, my favorite pair of Salvatore suede boots and Li's Closet Emerald set, a part of their upcoming Blings for 2013. As predicted by the fashion gods, one of 2013’s pantone is Emerald Green. Used to be my least favorite color but now I love it! (Kudos to Li’s Closet ‘s creative team). Try them and be in. 

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Thank you very much and I hope you’ll keep checking my posts out! Keep those comments coming!