Sunday, January 20, 2013

Can't Touch This

January is almost over! Haay! Time goes by so fast! I'm still in the "Vacation Phase" ! oh Baguio! I miss you so much! :) Anyway, here's another outfit i wore during our stay there.  During vacation, everyone definitely wants to dress up comfortably. The main point of going on a vacation is to relax... and wearing hard-to-put-on clothes defeats the purpose of unwinding (right?). 

The drop-crotch pants reminded me of MC Hammer. You know "cant touch this.. tenenen nenen" lol. I'm really not that familiar with the song. I used to hear it back in the days when my mom play her records! ahaha. I put on this busy top and my high-cut shoe from Ubiq. The shoe is so cute. If you'll look closer...Batman is in it :) Anyway, because the top is so busy, i opted not to wear any arm candies anymore. Another interesting about this look is the neck piece i wore. It is made up of Hex Nuts, carefully crafted by Li's Closet.

(Brands that I'm wearing: Shoes: Ubiq; Blings: Rings and Hex Nut Necklace (made to order) from Li's Closet; Pants: Custom Made, design from Li; Top: Nameless)

Hype this look here

Talk to you guys soon! :) 

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