Monday, July 29, 2013


Busy with school... Busy with work... Busy with business... BUSY BUSY BUSY! Sometimes i feel like I'm barely living my life. Oh well. This law thing is driving me nuts. 

Anyhow, here's a long overdue post! Wore this last time we went to Baguio to spend my birthday! Yey! Who wouldn't love BAGUIO?! The lush greens, the cool weather, the only place i can wear all white ensemble without going grey over a couple of hours!... my family and I are actually thinking of settling down there for good. 

Will talk more about it next time. Oh yes... I'm in a hurry again! Pardon me. I promise we'll talk more next time. :)

(BRANDS I'M WEARING: Shoes: CAMMY TANG; Aztec Sweatpants: Custom made; V-neck White Shirt: CALVIN KLEIN; Biker Jacket: Vintage; Casio Silver Watch: KEYSAS; Rings: FOREVER21; Snake Bracelet and Chunky Chain necklaces: LIBEBI)

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Talk to you guys soon! Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 06, 2013


Hi there!

I know it has been quite a while since my last post. Can't blame me... I have to go back to school. Which means less free-time more reading. Anyway, I know you guys understand me so, let's go to the main programming, shall we?

Wore this when I attended a benefit bazaar in Mc Kinley at Venice Piazza last May 16. It was the bazaar presented by World Vision and One For the Youth

My friend, who owns Li's Closet (Libebi on IG), was initially invited to participate the bazaar but because of short notice, he had to decline due to some other commitments. We decided that since he wasn't able to join the bazaar, why not participate? Drop by the place, buy some stuff to help the organization...nice one right?! 

Since the event is outdoors and starts noon of summer, i decided to keep everything light and easy. Wore a white airy tennis shorts, light denim button down, a pair of native flats, a ring and some white stacks from my friend's shop (hay! perks of having a friend who owns a bling shop!). I also wore my new Casio Vintage watch.

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(BRANDS I'M WEARING: Denim Button-down: VERSACE; White Tennis Shorts: ESPRIT; Native Sandals and Brown Clutch: Vintage: Watch: _HAPPYWRIST_; White Stretch Stacks and White Marble Ring: LI'S CLOSET; CARTIER Love Bangle)

The weird part of the day, despite the humidity and warm weather, my tummy  craved for some Japanese Ramen... (uber weird, right?!). So we decided to try Ramen Bar! 

I recommend Ramen Bar! Super yum, big servings, very reasonable price! I had such a great time visiting the place and I'll definitely come back!

So that's all for now folks, I will see you soon!
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