Monday, July 29, 2013


Busy with school... Busy with work... Busy with business... BUSY BUSY BUSY! Sometimes i feel like I'm barely living my life. Oh well. This law thing is driving me nuts. 

Anyhow, here's a long overdue post! Wore this last time we went to Baguio to spend my birthday! Yey! Who wouldn't love BAGUIO?! The lush greens, the cool weather, the only place i can wear all white ensemble without going grey over a couple of hours!... my family and I are actually thinking of settling down there for good. 

Will talk more about it next time. Oh yes... I'm in a hurry again! Pardon me. I promise we'll talk more next time. :)

(BRANDS I'M WEARING: Shoes: CAMMY TANG; Aztec Sweatpants: Custom made; V-neck White Shirt: CALVIN KLEIN; Biker Jacket: Vintage; Casio Silver Watch: KEYSAS; Rings: FOREVER21; Snake Bracelet and Chunky Chain necklaces: LIBEBI)

Go and Hype this look here.

Talk to you guys soon! Happy Monday!

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