Friday, March 29, 2013


Remember me telling you how much i love colors? Well I do! Here's a proof! 

Colors affect one's mood, sometimes even how he/she perceives something. It can either heighten up or  dampens someone's emotion. It can make you feel fresh or a mess, cool or uncool, hot or not.

Now that it is summer here in the Philippines, colorful dressing is very much seen anywhere. May it be on the beach, at the mall, in the office. Whether it may be printed or plain solid color.

Here's what i wore on a day to the mall to do some shopping and run some errands. 
Since i will be running back and forth and will be carrying shopping bags most of the time, i decided to wear comfortable shorts and a pair of boat shoes with my PG-13 shirt (at least according to my MOM). Finished it off with some gold accessories from _happywrist_ and Li's Closet.

(BRANDS I'M WEARING: Shirt: VINTAGE; Shorts: BENETTON; Boat Shoes: SPERRY; Infinity Bracelet (soon to be avl on their IG and FB page) : Li's Closet; Watch: _happywrist_)

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Btw, i have updated my BLOG. Go check it out and let me know whether you love it or not! :)

Take care everyone! Have a fantastic day!

God Bless!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


NOTE TO READERS: I am not angry! 

Imagine taking photos under the sun at 1 pm... sorry but this is the most "unaffected" look i can produce. Seriously, days are getting hotter and hotter by the hour! (rhymes, lol !) 

I m pretty worked up so i m keeping this short. Wore this to church and some "sit down" with my partner. We discussed what to release for his shop (if you wanna see the results, check this out). I was not able to take some photos of me after the meeting... believe me... it s far worse than this! hahaha.

Denim and Khakis have always been a reliable combo. They never go out of style. They give this masculine vibe with a hint of sophistication. Accessorized a bit with some samples from Li's Closet. Guys, i m telling you, you should drop by his page  (or you may just follow him in instagram @libebi) and check out classy and stylish blings! Trust me when i tell you, this guys is a GENIUS! All his staff are HANDMADE and one of a kind! (yey! support HANDMADE!)

PS. Will try my best to make my face BETTER next posts! Please do let me know what you think! HYPE this look below!

Have a fantastic day!

God Bless!

(BRANDS THAT I'M WEARING: Denim Buttondown: Wrangler; Khakis: Benetton; Laptop bag: Vintage: Silver Skull ring and Spikes and Chains: Li's Closet)

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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Summer is here once again! Me and SUMMER have this "love-hate" relationship somehow. LOVE because i get to wear uber bright and happy colors (yes, contrary to most of my blogposts, i LOVE colors).  On the other hand, since it is summer, layering will be a little bit NO. Especially nowadays, summer heat is very very very HOT. You can fry an EGG with it! Seriously! :)

Another thing i love about summer is that i get to wear SIMPLE and COMFY outfit. Like this one i have on.
A clean crisp white button-down shirt paired with a green pastel shorts and emerald green boat shoes. With the simplicity of the outfit, i put on some multiple arm swags from Li's Closet. Paired them with vintage a vintage clutch and most of all, shades!

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Happy Summer!

(BRANDS I'M WEARING: Button-down shirt: G200; Pastel shorts: Custom-made; Shoes: Sperry; Sunnies: Forever21; Armswag: Li's Closet)

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