Saturday, July 14, 2012

rockin in the sun

yehey! it's saturday! last day of work. but before i can really get a rest, i need to keep post a look for you guys.

here it is. tada!

the photos were taken at eastwood while we are waiting for our ride. it was really sunny! i coudn't open my eye that much! (trust me... those eyes... may ibubuka pa yan) lol!

anyway... here are the details of this look:

we are trying to achieve a casual look with a hint of military-ish thing going around. sounds crazy eh?

the mule blazer is a vintage mcgregor. it is thick but airy! i didnt get much 'pawis' while i was wearing it. 
the inside shirt was a diy sando. i had to cut the sleeves off because it doesnt fit na my biceps (naks!)
the watch is from omega and the pin is from landmark (the photographer bought them for me ;))

again, the bag is vintage. it's from marine. as i said before, i have lots of vintage bags (this is one of my favorites). the material looks like it's cracking... but it is not! magic !

i decided to wear my old black metallic shoes with a polka dotted socks. the shoes i got from wade (last '10). the socks are from topman.

so there you have it. my saturday sunny outfit! if you would like to hype it (pls do!) you can go visit or you can hype it here!

happy weekend everyone!

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