Monday, July 16, 2012

Brown and Gold Romance

"another vintage bag i wore"... this bag from Mario Valentino inspired me to put together this look. 

A little info:
The Mario Valention Company was founded in 195 by Mr. Mario Valention in Naples, Italy. This company workds in the leather goods with production of shoes, accessories, and bags by using it s own trademarks. (see the big V on it?)

I was inspired by the gold and brown combination the bag that i decided to use the same palette for my outfit.

because i plan to wear gold and brown, i decided to keep my base shirt simple. i wore this gold buttoned pullover. originally, the buttons were white and plastic, i decided to replace them with gold ones to match the look i m trying to achieve. 

to make the look interesting, i put on a sleeveless brown vest. the thing i love about this vest is its back. it is made of satin with some dancing couple pattern. 

i decided to wear my gold watch from miyoko with brown strap and a brown bracelet with gold studs (from eastwood bazaar) plus simple gold ring. 

wore my brown high-cut shoes from Clarks with some brown-ish tweed socks. 

with this ensemble, you can see that the GOLD compliments that brown in a way that it gives this warmer feeling to it and at the same time, BROWN makes the gold look shiny and expensive. :) 

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