Monday, May 13, 2013


These photos were taken a few weeks back. 
I wore this for a quick trip out of the Metro. Argh! 
I've been craving for vacation! But then again, who doesn't? right?!

Dressing up for a trip out of town is quite easy. You would want to stick to those comfy, yet presentable, clothes that will help you feel good despite long driving hours. 

For your shoes, comfy boat shoes will do the trick. Especially if you'll be the one driving. :)

Keep your BLINGS simple, especially if you'll ride a plane. You might wanna stick to easy-to-put easy-to-remove blings. If you're an arm party addict, like me, i would suggest to lessen the attendees of the party, if you know what i mean. Keep your blings minimal.

As with the bag, I would suggest bringing an overnight. Not too big, not too small. Enough to fit all your gadgets, personal hygiene stuff, a pair of slippers, and a couple of clothes to change. You might also want to bring a small body-body bag that you will carry while walking around, so you can leave your overnight bag in the car :)

Hype this look here.

(BRANDS I'M WEARING: Button-down shirt: MULHOLLAND; Shorts: Custom-made; Shoes: SPERRY; Casio Watch: KEYSAS; Charm Bling Set, Silver and Black Vitafede Inspired rings: LI'S CLOSET; Red Vintage Bag: CATALINA)

At the end of the day, don't forget to enjoy your vacation.
Hope you're having a good time!
Happy vacation!

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